When You See What He’s Doing With A Horse In The City, You’ll Be Stunned


Ten years ago, Mike Divers came up with the perfect idea to help keep youth off crime by training them to ride and also care for horses. The small stable plays a great role in keeping the kids from getting into senseless fights or getting into trouble considering the crime rate in Philly. He believed that the animals calmed the youths down while they cared for them. The animals teach them responsibility, and they begin to value their life so much that they start to stay off crime. This ingenious idea has been shown to reduce crime as stated by some of the boys working in the stable.

A seventeen-year-old named Shahir Drayton, who had almost lost all hope, and most of his friends and family to crime, found solace in caring for these majestic animals. He bonded with one of the horses in the stable who always threw people off. People were afraid to ride her for that reason, but he showed her patience by always climbing back up when she pushes him down. He also taught himself a great lot while instilling discipline in the animal. Drayton states that the animals help him forget about every other worry, and he just has fun.
Drayton first got on a horse after he turned ten years old and he thought the idea of riding the horse was cool. When he rides on the streets of Philly, people appreciate him and love to be around the horses. Both old and young appreciate his great job. He states that he lost his brother, uncle and other friends but the horses give him a brighter mindset. He says he is a different person when he rides the horses and that he loves the rush it gives him. Generally, the fun feeling of being a cast of a Wild West movie makes his riding a bit more fun.

The cowboys ride the horses to parks and offer pony rides to people for only $5, and this cash is used to buy hay to feed the horses, and the other half is shared amongst the boys. From the look on their faces when they ride, it is evident that the money isn’t all that keeps them coming back, it’s the beautiful animals. All the guys have a special horse which is assigned to them so that they can bond with them and teach, and care for them.
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Drayton states that he grew up in a terrible place and has done a few things which do not make him proud, but the horses help him to stay focused on his future and to achieve that goal. He states that his bond with the horses have so far helped him stay away from crime, and he has a better hope for the future, and he also wants to go to college and get a better life than what he was born into.

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