When You See This, You Won’t Know How You Could Ever Live Without A Dog


Dogs are considered man’s best friend for many reasons but it is their beautiful souls that make them more than a friend. These wonderful creatures give us love in its most pure forms, unconditionally and more often than not, when it is most needed.

Dogs have the ability to sense our thoughts, feelings and emotions more accurately than humans themselves. They accept us for who we are and there is no need to ever try to be someone you’re not. You can completely be yourself. They don’t insists we impress them with our intelligence, our financial status or our reputations.

They are easy to please and so willing to accept even the smallest gestures as tokens of love. A simple walk in the park or along the beach, sitting quietly beside you as you read a good book or watch a movie, it is those little things that make a dog feel loved and accepted. The occasional game of fetch, a romp in the snow or a cuddle as you drift off to sleep, these are the things that make them happy.

They are easy to read as every emotion they feel is openly visible for all to see. From the wagging of their tails when they are happy to merely be in your presence, to the look of understanding in their eyes when they sense you are feeling down or in pain. The joyful barking as you return home from a long day, the look of guilt when they are caught being naughty, there is nothing hidden from our view.

There is no deceit in the soul of a dog, they don’t hide how they feel nor try to pretend to be something they are not. Their honest reactions flow freely with no thoughts of how they will be judged. They use no words but they communicate in ways that make it easy to understand what they desire or what they want. They are always there to listen to our hurts, our fears and our hopes with a nonjudgmental ear.

Dogs don’t interrupt you when you feel the need to vent or talk out a problem. When you need some comfort they know just what to do to make you feel better. From the laying of their faces on your lap as they looking lovingly with complete acceptance into your eyes to showering you with kisses.

Watch this heartwarming video and discover just how beautiful the souls of dogs truly are and why everyone should have a dog. And be sure to spread the love by sharing this video often.

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