Can You Imagine Looking Outside And Seeing THIS? OMG!


Having a swimming pool at your house means that you’re going to have some uninvited guests from time to time. Everyone loves to take a nice, cool dip on a hot day and the need for a swim is not limited to human beings. The monkeys that you are about to meet in this hysterical clip have decided that they are ready to cool off and they do not care who catches them in the act of doing so.

The best part of all? These monkeys came in a group and they are some of the most skilled swimmers that we have ever seen. While the family who lives in this home was probably shocked at first, their reactions to this unexpected arrival says it all. How could you possibly stay mad at faces that are this cute?
These monkeys have basically annexed this swimming pool and claimed it as their own. You’ll be hard pressed not to bust out laughing as you watch them make themselves at home, doing running jumps into the water and enjoying some good old fashioned horseplay. They are having the time of their lives and their enthusiasm is palpable to the viewer.

As they grow more and more comfortable in their new surroundings, the monkeys start to make their way towards the house. They probably just want a towel to dry off with or perhaps they seek a refreshing glass of lemonade or iced tea?

The party is in full swing and this crew of troublemakers doesn’t plan on going home anytime soon. This clip is evidence of the fact that an impromptu gathering is the best gathering of all. These guys don’t need invitations, balloons, noise makers, streamers and any other party accouterments. All they need is a place to swim and an understanding set of homeowners to be happy.

Notice how no one has decided to come ruin their fun. Don’t you wish life could be that easy sometimes? We wouldn’t recommend jumping someone’s fence with a group of your buddies anytime soon, though. There is a good chance that you won’t be as warmly received as these vervet monkeys were, that’s for sure!

If you enjoyed this glimpse into the life of a monkey as much as we did, then don’t be stingy. Be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members, so that they can have a good laugh, too!

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