They Tell Their Dog To Pick Out A Friend At The Shelter. What They Come Home With Is The BEST!


Dogs and cats are endless enemies. In a few households they may learn to tolerate each other particularly if they grow up together. But for a cat and dog to be friends is not expected.


Along comes Raven, the dog. Raven has devoted owners who will do anything to make Raven happy. Raven was a lonely pet so the owners took Raven to the animal rescue shelter so he could choose his own friend to take home. They permitted Raven to wander around the shelter and to check out all the shelter dogs and puppies. They watched with anticipation to see which homeless canine would spark Raven’s interest. What a lucky dog being allowed to choose his own pet!

Only one animal at the shelter interested Raven. The two animals had an instant fascination for each other. Now this is the shocker.


Surprisingly, Raven chose Woodhouse. That’s right he chose Woodhouse, the kitten! And also surprisingly tiny Woodhouse was okay with a big dog befriending him!


Raven and Woodhouse were instant friends when they met at the shelter. Once home the two began to do everything together. Rather than mortal enemies, they have become life long pals. Raven truly rescued Woodhouse from the shelter. Raven has taken his pet owner ship responsibilities seriously. He watches over Woodhouse day and night. Raven eats, sleeps, plays, and poses with Woodhouse.


They eat together, and in this house there is no snarling or chasing. No one steals the other pet’s food. The two pets are so cute as they play together, pose for pictures together and then curl up together for a long nap. Now, look at the picture of Woodhouse snoozing contentedly with a large dog leg draped over him! How many cats would tolerate that? This cat and dog curl up together in every position possible. It looks like they nap more than they do anything else. These two sure love the camera and the camera loves them.


The photos of these two show such love and devotion; something that is rare between catsand dogs. It would be great to see people, with huge differences, get along as well as these two pets.


Woodhouse was just another cat languishing at a pet shelter until Raven came along and chose Woodhouse to be the one animal he could devote himself too for life. Raven might not be everyone’s hero but he sure is a hero to Woodhouse.



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