Woman Spends Over 4,000 Hours To Knit Sweaters For Abandoned Dogs


Winter can be very harsh, and for anyone without proper clothing and shelter, winter can be truly a killer time of year. One thing some people understand very well – if winters are difficult for people who have to be out in it all the time, imagine how abandoned dogs feel. It’s a horrible time for them.

One woman living in the UK has found her calling in knitting up sweaters, hats and outfits for abandoned dogs. She has spent over 4,000 hours knitting up more than 300 Christmas sweaters for dogs alone. And they look very fashionable in them, too!

In her hope that no dog will freeze in the UK winters, she has devoted 5 years so far to knitting up sweater outfits for homeless and abandoned canines. Each sweater that she knits can take up to 20 hours to finish, but she is truly making gifts from the heart. These animals mean so much to her and she has made this her life’s work.


She began making sweaters for greyhounds, and after she had made a few, she knew she had to make more. Besides knitting them from scratch, she also repurposes old blankets into coats for dogs. She also makes mittens for dogs. The pads on their feet can sometimes bleed from the bitter cold and snow and ice while they are walking outside. Her work can go a long way to making life easier for each and every dog.


Even those dogs in shelters sometimes need an extra coat or sweater. Dogs with thin fur feel the cold much more than dogs with huge coats of fur. And not every shelter has the money to stay as warm as they could. So the gift of sweaters and hats and mittens for the dogs in those shelters is greatly appreciated by everyone. And the dogs really do look wonderful in their knitted wear!


This could be a wonderful project for anyone to take on, even just to make one or two dog sweaters per week for a shelter. Retired people who know how to knit would have a great purpose in doing this.


Elderly people in nursing homes could gather together once or twice a week to knit sweaters for dogs and feel that their lives still have a purpose. And how wonderful it would make them feel to see some of these pictures of the dogs wearing their sweaters! It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

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