Woman Sees A Moving Garbage Bag On The Road, Stops Her Car To Save It


When Malissa Sergent Lewis was running late for work last week, she decided to take a different route than usual to make up for lost time. However, there is no way that she could have successfully predicted what would happen next.


While she was en route to her job, she noticed a very unusual sight in the middle of the road. Someone had carelessly left a garbage in the midst of traffic and worst of all, the garbage bag was actually moving! Lots of people would have prioritized making it to work on time over stopping to investigate, but Malissa decided to take a closer look at what was inside.


What she found when she opened the bag was heartbreaking. As she drew closer to the bag, it was clear as day to see that there was a living creature inside. Setting aside all fear and trepidation, Malissa decided to set the animal free. When she finally opened the bag, an abandoned puppy came out, collar and all.

The animal was wearing a collar with no tags and Malissa brought it with her to see if she could locate their rightful owner. But from the looks of it, the owner wanted nothing to do with the poor animal and had left in the road to die. At the current moment, no one has stepped forward to claim the dog and she’s decided to do what should have been done a very long time ago.


She is giving the animal a forever home of its own and the dog, who has been rechristened as Hefty, is now happy, healthy and living with a family that truly cares about his well being. This story could have had any number of sad endings and dogs who are abandoned typically experience a far worse fate than our friend Hefty.


We are glad to see that there are still good people like Malissa in the world, people who are ready, willing and able to step up when others have faltered. Thanks to her selfless and courageous actions, this dog was rescued from one of the worst fates that an animal can experience and given a second chance at life.


A heartwarming story like Hefty’s deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible, so be sure to pass it along to all of your friends and family members so that they can further appreciate this dog’s incredible journey.


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