Woman Places An Entire Spool Of Yarn Into Glue. The Final Result? STUNNING


That’s when I found this DIY lamp globe project. It’s awesome and one of the easier things that I’ve made. Plus, it’s really cheap to make.
There’s a DIY video that takes you through all of the steps so you can get all the help that you need. You pick the color, the size, and what it’s going to look like in the end. The whole video takes about 9 minutes, but you can fast forward through some sections if you know what you’re doing or you already have some of the supplies.

The supplies that you will need include cotton yarn (though you can use hemp cord if you want, too), glue, and a bouncy ball to mirror the size of the globe you want to create. Get an apron for you and cover the work area with plastic or anything else that you want as a way of protecting the surface because it can get very messy.

You will want to make a large opening at the bottom if you want to make a lamp, because that is where the bulb will be inserted. A small one at the top is going to be made for the cord, so make note of these on the ball. You will also want to mark the spot where you are going to deflate the ball later on.

To make the mix, you need equal parts of glue and water. Mix in a container that is large enough to fit the ball of yarn inside. Find the end on the yarn and then submerge in the mixture. Slowly unravel the yarn that is soaked in glue and start to wrap it all around the ball. Hold onto the beginning piece as you start until it is able to stick in place on its own. Start wrapping away, keeping clear of the places you marked to stay away from. Any remaining glue mixture can then be poured over the string so it offers a more solid set.

The ball will need to dry for two days. Then deflate the ball and pull it out. If you want to go the next step and create a lamp with the globe, then you just need a hanging light fixture and a bulb.

Watch the video and start your DIY project today!

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