Lucky Dog Gets His Very Own Bedroom In The Tiny Space Under The Stairs


If there is any place in a home that can make a pup feel simply, comfortably and unpretentious at the same time it’s when a chic treatment with a nice sleeping space is made available for it under the stairs.


In many homes, all sort of rubbish and unwanted materials are usually clustered under the stairs. Most people have no plans of any kind to make judicious use of the space for any meaningful project, talk more of making it a dog’s space.

Since time immemorial, dogs have always been a significant part of man’s life. And in most cases, they either sleep in cages outside the home or in pens. Ever since they started living with man, everyone knows that the availability of a pen in the living room poses a great challenge as it tends to take up quite a bit of space.


But who has ever thought of creating spaces for dogs and at the same time, teach them to respect it. You would be surprised at the way things would turn out as this could be just what your canine friend may be expecting from you.

When this woman decided to make a room for her dog under the stairs, she never knew that he would love the little place and even be proud to call it his own. Obviously, everyone just needs a private space to unwind especially after passing through a long day, even dogs.


When Imgur’s Fatisbac visited his aunt recently, he was surprised at what he saw. She had just moved into a new home and thought it fit to provide her Chihuahua pet with an upgrade. Out of every space in the house, the only spot she found convenient was a nook beneath the stairs which amazingly turned out to be a perfect spot.


From a pretty chest of drawers to store things and a toy on the floor to play with to an elegant mini bed and other resources, the home seemed not to be lacking anything in any way as it features all the amenities anyone would expect to see in a cozy dog-sized abode.

This caring dog owner has created something that her lovable pup will not only cherish but respect. This is a great way of making a dog even more responsible.

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