Why This Man Stays Alone In This Abandoned Town Will Warm Your Heart


This story is about a man with a heart of gold, a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. His name is Naoto Matsumura and he is the sole occupant of a Japanese town known as Tomioka. After the tragic mishaps that took place at the Fukushima power plant, all of the other residents packed up their belongings and relocated.

Naoto, on the other hand, decided to stay. The other citizens of Tomioka took off so quickly, many of them did not close their doors or find a new home for all of their pets. These abandoned animals were left without a home or family to call their own and Naoto made the choice to remain in Tomioka to care for these lost pets.


Even though he is forced to live by candlelight, he still makes sure that all of the animals get fed each and every day. As a result of his kindness, he has had a very unique title bestowed upon him: Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals. This is not a title that Naoto takes lightly and he works tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of each pet that finds itself under his care.


He leaves the disaster zone to procure enough food for himself and the animals, but always returns home to Tomioka. While he does not face stiff competition for this distinction, Naoto is the world’s most radioactive man, in all likelihood.


He feeds every single animal that he meets and the animals have become accustomed to the sound of his truck pulling up, filled with delicious meals.


Naoto does not stop making his rounds until every last animal has been fed. This amazing man should serve as a role model to us all, with his unselfishness and his willingness to put his own life on hold. He needs to be rewarded for these actions and deserves some sort of compensation for his hard work.


Instead of always focusing on pampered celebrities who have already had everything in life handed to them and who want for nothing, why not take a moment to learn more about Naoto’s amazing story? A story like this does not come along every day and his perseverance in the face of tragedy is certainly an inspiration to us all. Be sure to share this astonishing tale of selflessness with all of your closest friends and family as soon as possible.


What an amazing man! This man needs to be rewarded. Forget the celebrities who have everything at their fingertips, its these kinds of people who the media should cover, make famous so people can inspire from them. Please share this post.

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