Who Says Dogs Can’t Mourn?


Margarita Suarez had a love for animals that was boundless. Some would even compare her love for the local dogs that she fed each day to a religious devotion. Each morning, the local strays would congregate at her door, waiting for her to provide a much needed meal.


This woman cared about the welfare of stray dogs so deeply, she would bring a package of food with her each time she left the house, so that she could offer meals to animals who were in need.

She dedicated her life to caring for dogs who had no one in their lives to love them. But when she suddenly passed away one day, these dogs were left alone and confused once again.


While some may believe that dogs do not have the ability to mourn or even realize that a person has moved on to a better place, Margarita’s friends took notice of her absence and decided to bless her most heavenly abode.


As her funeral took place, her canine companions started to file in. The experience was strange, yet magical. The dogs made their way into the funeral home and they never disturbed a single soul during the process. Most would be terrified to see a pack of unknown dogs during a moment of this magnitude, but these animals made it clear that they were only there to pay their respects to the woman they loved so dearly.


They mourned her loss in complete and total silence. The pack of dogs also remained by her side, as the funeral train made its way to the cemetery where she would be laid to rest. As Margarita’s body was sanctified for her eventual cremation, the pups decided to disperse. Perhaps it was too much for them to bear?

These canines were Margarita’s closest friends. But they were not the only animals who made this presence felt on this emotionally taxing day. A bird flew in during the funeral procession and mourned the loss of Margarita alongside of her family.


The funeral staff was confused initially, but they soon realized that the dogs meant no harm and allowed to mourn peacefully. They loved Margarita deeply and there is no question that her loss represents a low moment in their lives.


The world lost one of its most selfless animal lovers when Margarita passed away. We pray that she rests in peace and this story needs to be spread far and wide, so don’t be shy about sharing.


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