When They Found This Pit Bull, They Couldn’t Believe What They Saw


Remi is a pit bull. He has obviously been used as a fighting dog until he was so beaten and battered by injuries from fighting that his “owners” just dumped him on the side of the road to die. Fortunately for Remi, some local children spotted the near to death animal and called emergency services. Justice Humane Society of Pennsylvania dispatched Officer Russ Harper to help the stricken dog.


Remi required several surgeries and massive rehabilitation in order to slowly but surely recover from the ordeal that he had undergone in his short 1.5 year life. Harper assisted in the treatment with his kindness and love for Remi and frequent visits. The attending vets claim Remi is still a fighter and that as long as the dog continues to work toward a full recovery they intend to do all they can to help the dog.

Remi is just one of many dogs that have been used in this cruel and disgusting manner and then dumped to die on the streets. Harper, Justice Humane Society, and local media have mounted a campaign to find the people that abused this dog so cruelly and bring them to justice. The bounty for the perpetrators is $1,000.


It is heart breaking to see the almost countless bite injuries that Remi has suffered. The dog will carry the scars and the results of the brutal life he was forced to lead for the rest of his life but all appearances show that the dog is going to make a full recovery.

You should share this video for many reasons. The stark reality of the results of the dog fighting industry has never been so forcefully portrayed. The compassion and true love the animal control officer has for the injured animal are truly touching.


Sharing the video with enough people in the area may find the group that is using these dogs to fight. Dogs fight to protect themselves but these animals have been forced to fight and then dumped like garbage because the supply of fresh meat is so plentiful.

You may even get lucky and receive the $1,000 reward if you share this equally horrific and triumphant video of a man that cared enough to rescue a dog that was near death and helps love the animal back to health. The video is a tribute to Harper, the Justice Humane Society, the vets that cared for Remi, and the children that loved the dog enough to call for help.

Share with your friends now and lets fight for him. For his life. For every dog’s freedom.

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