What This FEROCIOUS Pitbull Does To A Baby Is A Must See. It’s Eye-Opening!


Even when the baby boy hides his mouth the dog knows how to make the baby show his face and reveal his infant mouth for yet another round of kissing and licking. Is this love, affection or some sort of fun play?

Dogs are very intimate animals which have become part of the family unhindered. They have quickly grown to become very much in tune with humans that even when a monumental event such as pregnancy is experienced in the family, dogs have got the ability to sense the occurrence of an exciting moment.

When a baby is born into the home, some dogs do not even need to be prepared for the arrival of the new member. They just know by instinct that the newly born child is a priceless gift and should be considered with all care and tenderness. How some of these dogs naturally blend to get alone with babies remains a mystery to science.

They quickly get themselves accustomed to the scent of the baby to the extent that they could tell the difference between a baby’s cloth and that of an older member. They (dogs) become very mindful of the way they play around when the baby as if to consider the fragile state of the child. Some dogs even seize from barking in the home knowing fully well that the act of barking can serve as a disturbance to the wellbeing of the baby.

From the short video clip, you will discover that the way and manner the bulldog played with the baby is really different from the way he would have played with an adult. This demonstrates dog’s attitude towards infants. They know that babies are fragile beings and so even while playing with them, carefulness must be consciously taken into consideration.

If it were to be playing with an older member of the home, the dog would put its full weight on the individual with hugs and embraces but coming to the little boy, the dog had a different approach. This time, it preferred kissing the baby whenever he made is mouth available. The baby on his part enjoyed the fun game and played along with the dog by hiding his face in the mattress.

One striking note about the action of the dog was when the baby finally stood up to get away, the dog was still persistent, yet it never played rough. It was still mindful of the fact that the child is still growing and has not yet gotten enough stamina to firmly stand on the ground. The dog was very much mindful of the way it presented its mouth needing more kisses and even while running after the baby, it watched its steps carefully to avoid trampling him down.

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