What Suddenly Popped Out of The Algae Made Everyone In The Room Do a Double Take


The octopus has an appearance that inspires equal amounts of fear and awe. For centuries, the octopus has been considered to be a creature that should be avoided at all costs. There has been a great deal of ink spilled about the dangers of the octopus and as a result, they are thought to be one of the scariest creatures that a person can come across.
The octopus has come a long way since its humble beginnings, hundreds of years ago. When the earliest explorers came across them, they had no proper name to call them, preferring to refer to them as the “eight legged sea creature”. Rumors about their ability to lunge out of the sea and lay waste to entire ships circulated like wildfire and it was believed that they could kill an adult male with one squeeze from their massive tentacles. Hawaiian legends about the octopus took it one step further, claiming that these sea creatures were actually aliens that had been sent from another planet to wreak havoc on our bodies of water. These legends spoke of the octopus as the last of its kind, the final remaining type on planet Earth.

Octopus are some of the creepiest looking creatures of the sea, which lends itself to the creation of urban legends and myths of yore. It is easy to see why people invented these stories, especially in an era with much less information available. Since we now have the benefit of additional knowledge, we now know that the octopus is not an alien or a man eating monster that will terrorize our ships. However, what we have learned could terrify those among us with a weaker constitution. We now know that the octopus has an unparalleled ability to camouflage itself. This is a common mechanism among animals, but the majority of citizens are unaware about the octopus’ ability to use it to guard against predators.

In this clip, the octopus uses its ability to seamlessly blend in to frighten onlookers. The clip shows the viewer a seemingly harmless piece of algae that is sitting at the bottom of a normal looking coral reef. As the camera zooms in closer and closer to the algae, an octopus comes flying out, an image that is sure to make people jump when they do not expect it. Skeptics may believe that special effects were used in order to create this terrifying clip, but the clip is shown in reverse order, so that the viewer can see its legitimacy. A lot of us had no clue that the octopus was able to keep itself so well hidden from the naked eye and this clip is certainly a testament to the resiliency of these misunderstood sea creatures.

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