What He’s Holding In His Hands Is The Smallest Dog In Existence


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest dog in the world right now is only 2.2 lbs. There is a special chart the veterinarians follow and our little Hope isn’t even on the chart! They say she will probably be about 15 ounces full grown.

She hasn’t grown or gained any weight in three weeks. It is quite rare for a dog this young not to grow, but her health is great and she is doing really well. Everything to her is a game so she has to be watched in case she goes running off. Rodney has a gate at the door of his office to prevent her natural instinct to explore!

Follow her progress with Rodney. You can follow him on Facebook K-911 Animal Ambulance. He will be putting up monthly videos to show you her progress and giving you the latest news.

You are welcome to ask questions or watch for the next video which will be on the 10 August.

“Hope is a little camera-shy at the moment but I am sure that pretty soon she will have the natural confidence of any dog. Come to the website and visit her. Leave her messages of encouragement and share in her life’s experiences as she grows into the littlest dog in the world!”

You can email Rodney at info@K911transport.com or

Visit the website: http://www.k911transport.com/

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