16 Dogs Who Cannot Possibly Be Comfortable – Oh My!


This is an incredible hilarious photo story of the weirdest positions dogs take their naps. These positions look certainly uncomfortable but who cares. LOL!


Our first dog here must have gotten caught up in dream land while taking a stretch. He puts his head on one chair and sits on the other, his legs in between the chairs – and yes one chair wasn’t enough, he had two. Hahaha! Absolutely hilarious.

71214-9 71214-10

The second dog, a puppy had to show how much he enjoyed that meal. He just had to fall asleep in it.


I can have a round tray bed right? This must be the funny thoughts that was on the third dog’s mind. For heaven’s sake, a tray? LOL! who cares anyway.


Dog number five just got back from the chiropractor and this was the recommendation “make sure you have a weird nap position everyday”. The sixth dog takes my absolutely favorite position. You don’t need to face up all the time, you’ve got to set that butt up sometimes.


Dog number nine is so funny, he does an inverse split by taking his rear legs to his face and the forelegs to his butt. What could be more pleasurable than having two soft pillows pressing against your face.

71214-14 71214-15

This next dog finds his perfect spot between two throw pillows. Wonderful!


Dog number eleven is showing who the boss is. He’s making sure there is no movement up and down the house as he takes a nap on the staircase. What’s so gross about the bathroom being my favorite spot.


The next dog in this photo story thinks it’s not all that weird taking his nap in the bathroom and his cute face on that sink pipe, hmm! It must be so comfortable. Dog thirteen takes a perfect human looking posture in a soft leather chair, well, only that his legs are in the air.


Ever taken a nap in the pool? Cool right! Our cute fur ball has done so and will keep doing so. The last dog just crowns it all up, “Why don’t I sleep upside down in this tight corner of the house” and he nailed it.

71214-3 71214-4 71214-5

Dogs are absolutely amazing animals, they continuously give us a reason to have them around as the help add color and fun to our lives. Why don’t you share this with others and let them have a good laugh too.


So funny and so true! If this made you smile, share it with your friends. :)

[h/t – The Dodo]

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