WATCH What Happens When A Barn Owl Swoops Down On A Black Cat. No Way!


Its naturally great to see how animals of the same specie get along with each other. The way and manner they communicate amongst themselves, the way they care for themselves, and the way they despise one another. E.g. a bitch dog breastfeeding her pups or a cock chasing a hen for the sake of parenting. All these attributes makes you feel the natural ability to belong.
However, when you see two unlike terms (animals) interacting with each other as if they were one and both parties seem to be enjoying a realistic natural sense of belonging you never can tell how it all began and when it will all end. You either watch in amazement or remain dumb folded.

It is amazing to see how these little creatures could perfectly demonstrate ordinate affections for other animals that are not closely related or do not share any resemblance in anyway. If you have never come across this scenario in real life, you will wonder how silly the action might be when you watch it on video yet still you will never get a chance to take your eyes of it.

We know cartoons and animations have their own story to tell but when nature rolls out its tape, you definitely know that this is perfect and that there is no better movie director than Mrs. Nature herself.

This hilariously amazing video has stolen about 7 million views from spectators who can’t but get their eyes off the YouTube channel as the video begins to play. When you too get a chance, throw a glance and you will see for yourselves what they got for themselves.

The video is a collection of several video clips filled with hilarious actions exhibited by two more unrelated animals. You will find the exhibition of a lovely but unnatural relationship between cute Fum, who is a lovely black cat and gorgeous Gebra, who is his friendly owl buddy.

They say “familiarity breeds contempt” but when did familiarity begin to be noticed between a cat and an owl, to the extent that you hardly find one without the other. How this unusual relationship started, we cannot tell but all we know is that the bird is fond of the cat as much as the cat is of her.

The relationship which is thought to have started in enmity has rounded up to become a symbolic experience of amity has resulted to an unanticipated union of friendship between the two animals. To this effect, they have both become super movie and internet stars.

This friendship has proving that distance, color, race or whatsoever cannot stand as a barrier to love and unity. These animals have proven that anyone can choose to be best of friends with whosoever despite the background from which the individual might be emanating from.

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