Watch This Epic Battle Dog And Dog Proof Container


This dog’s parents were absolutely thrilled to get a dog proof container. They probably thought that this would put a stop to any doggy related issues that they were having. But this video shows that even the best laid plans can go awry, especially when mischievous pups are involved.


One of the fastest ways to look foolish is to underestimate the intelligence of an animal. While most of us are well aware of the intelligence that the average dog possesses, that does not stop us from failing to gauge just how smart they really are from time to time. It happens to the best of us and it definitely happened to the family in this hilarious video.

Humans all around the world rejoiced at the invention of dog proof containers, with the idea that these contraptions would be more successful when it came to keeping pups at bay. They envisioned a day when their dry food would be kept safe, secure and far out of reach of a puppy’s paws.

Meme, on the other hand, is quite the clever fellow. It took him essentially no time to catch to the tricks of the humans and he is very proud to let them know how easy it was for him to circumvent the system that they have decided to put in place. Try all you like, people, but your little dog proof containers aren’t going to stop him from doing as he pleases.

Would you believe that Meme figured out an easy way to open a contraption that was supposedly complicated in less than half a minute? It took Meme a whopping 24 seconds to foil the plan that was supposed to be foiling him.

Once he’s figured out how to open it, he is left to gorge for as long as he likes, until his humans figure out what he has managed to do. In his mind, this is a well deserved snack and he seems to believe that he’s earned every last bite of food. Eventually, his owners will have to learn that Meme is a heck of a lot smarter than they were ever willing to give him credit for.

Those who were responsible for devising this container may want to head back to the drawing board. Those who watch this clip will want to pass it along to their friends and family, as soon as they are done holding their sides.

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