Watch This Clip To Learn More About Your Shoe’s Extra Hole


If you are anything like me, then you work out on a regular basis and running is one of your most treasured activities. Workout nuts such as myself who love to run and are constantly forced to deal with all of the ailments that can accompany this lifestyle would do well to take a look at this clip.

While I did not know about this helpful trick before, watching this video helped me to improve my daily runs and allowed me to stop receiving quite so many blisters, especially on my heels, a particularly problematic area.

Even though I run on a regular basis, I never understood why my running shoes came with an extra hole at the top. I simply chalked it up to people who enjoy lacing their sneakers all the way to the top and carried on with my life. If you’ve also asked yourself this question, the video will finally provide you with the answer that you have always been looking for.

The hole is actually designed to increase the comfort of runners and give their heels the cushion that they need, so that they do not become blistered and affect your ability to maintain your workout schedule. The extra hole is made to keep your heel in place as you run.

It’s no secret, running is sweaty work, which causes feet to slide around uncontrollably at times. The additional hole at the top of your favorite pair of running sneakers is designed to become what is known as a “heel lock”. When utilized properly, your feet will no longer be at risk for the development of blisters.

For those who loathe missing a day of working out because of something as insignificant as blisters, or people like me, who have no qualms about wearing a second pair of socks and fighting through the pain to gut out a few more miles, this heel lock (which is also known as a lace lock) can save you a great deal of pain and suffering.

I was baffled to learn that these holes had been on my shoes for all of these years and I never knew their true purpose. Watching this clip and learning how to use the additional hole to create a natural locking mechanism for my heel is certainly a game changer and allows me never to miss a workout again.

My feet are certainly going to be grateful that I took the time out to watch this helpful and yours will, too! Please share this video with the rest of your workout buddies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that everyone can eliminate this common issue and enjoy pain free runs for the rest of their days.

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