Watch This 7-Month-Old Pitbull Transformation. It is Unbelievable


A Pit-Bull who was 7months old was found wandering around the streets from a helpful person who decided to pick her up, and brought her to North Shore Animal League America. The poor dog was malnourished and all skin and bones. When they took her at the North Shore Animal Leagues America they found out that the dog was suffering from demodectic mange. It is an irritating skin condition that often causes young dogs to lose their hair and develop painful lesions. The beautiful dog needed immediate medical care.


As soon as this dog got in the hands of the caring team at the animal shelter they were decided to heal her pains. They named the dog Blossom, and through the compassion of many donors they could afford the best treatment for her. Once the dog got the needed treatment she was ready for adoption.

Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center was taking care of Blossom.


Little by little the dog started healing, and sooner than they ever thought the dog was ready for adoption. Katie Bozymowski and her husband Anthony, who had just adopted a beautiful terrier mix fell in love instantly with Blossom so they decided to adopt her.


“After meeting her for the first time, I immediately realized how sweet and gentle she is. Then when the meet and greet with Stella went off without a hitch, we made it official. She’s just such a sweetheart and simply wants love,” Katie told North Shore Animal League America.

Blossom and her sister. 


“We are just happy to be able to provide her with a home that she can receive lots of love and affection.”

This is just such an inspiring story. We wish this beautiful family such a happy life together. We wish more people were like this loving and caring couple. More dogs need families, and more people should consider adopting a loving pooch for this holiday season.

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