Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Bulldog Watching A Video Of His Own!


Are you looking for adorable animal videos to brighten your day? If so, this puppy video will melt your heart. Watch this video now and discover how bulldogs feel about watching videos of other dogs (hint, it’s heartwarming)! This short video shows just what happens when a bulldog sees a potential friend on his owner’s laptop screen.


This bulldog puppy is ecstatic when he sees another dog on his owner’s laptop! It seems that he thinks that the other dog is hidden behind the screen. He searches and sniffs endlessly to see if he can find his new puppy friend in some mysterious place that exists behind the laptop. He doesn’t find the other dog, but that doesn’t mean he will stop trying! This bulldog is just way too cute for words, trying to paw his way through the doggie matrix so he can play with his friend.

This video may be short but it’s so cute it’s a must see! This is a great clip for anyone that loves dogs and is searching for sweet, adorable dog videos that will make them smile. If this video brings you joy, you’re not alone!

Share this video with your friends to put a smile on their faces, too! Who doesn’t love to watch cute dogs do cute things? This bulldog would tell you to share his video, too – as he may not be able to find the friend he’s trying to play with, but he’s sure that you can and he doesn’t want them to miss his face!

We’re still smiling from watching this dog sniff his owner’s laptop screen as he watches a video of another dog and we know that this will be the case with anyone who sees it!

Fifteen seconds isn’t enough cute-ness; you may feel the need to watch it again! After you get done watching this smiling pup sniff away, don’t forget to share! We just can’t get enough of this adorable bulldog – he actually does look like he’s smiling.

How amazingly cute is this video?

Too cute for words, that’s for sure! Click like and share now and brighten up your friend’s day with a short puppy video that’s sure to warm the hearts of anyone that sees it! Oh, and the puppy requests that if anyone sees his friend from behind the screen – you let him know!

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