Waitress Brought to Tears After She Noticed THIS, Written On The Back Of A Customers Recipet



When this waitress picked up the credit card receipt after serving yet another customer, there is a good chance that she did not expect to receive a massive tip or a handwritten note. After all, the bill was under 10 dollars, so even a $3 tip would have been considered to be quite generous.

What the waitress saw when she finally picked up the receipt was enough to blow her away. Not only did the customer leave her a $200 tip, but they were also kind enough to leave a handwritten note, as well. In a world that is constantly filled with bad news and sadness, it is important to spread the word about good deeds such as these, in order to restore people’s faith in humanity.

The customer’s note thanked the waitress (whose name is Brandi) for her service and urged her to use the $200 tip in order to visit her son. At first, she was baffled by the gesture, wondering why someone would tip such a large amount on a bill that only came to $9.53. Initially, she believed it to be a mistake.

That is, until she read the note that was enclosed. Once she realized what this customer had done, she immediately broke down into tears of joy and gratitude. It is amazing how one simple good deed like this can change a person’s entire life and their perspective on the world at large.

It was very hard for Brandi to believe that a total stranger could have such a high level of caring about her and her family situation. The definition of a good deed is doing something for someone, without asking for recognition and without expecting a return on your investment. It is safe to say that this customer’s gesture fits both of these criteria.

After receiving this generous gift, Brandi was unable to compose herself and continue working. She was forced to retreat to the restaurant’s kitchen in order to gather her thoughts. The shock that Brandi experienced simply goes to show how rare actions like these are in modern society and should encourage others who are in a position to lend a hand to their fellow man.
This story proves that people who are kind and truly care about the world around them still exist. While money cannot buy happiness, it can certainly change the lives of those around you.

When news outlets and social media denizens caught wind of this customer’s gesture, it immediately went viral, proving that there is an audience for good news. If you would like to share the news about the generosity of this customer, be sure to post these photos on all of your social media applications.

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