Volunteer Sits In Cage With Dog Who’d Never Felt A Human’s Touch


National Mill Dog Rescue is providing a great service, rescuing dogs who have been forced to spend the entirety of their lives in unclean and unsafe facilities. Puppy mills are as inhumane as they are dangerous and watching dogs like our friend Harleigh suffer makes us wonder why these places are still allowed to exist in a modern, civilized society.


The terrified little Chihuahua had a harrowing existence and she was understandably fearful of humans as a result. National Mill Dog Rescue finally intervened in September of 2013 and Harleigh was finally given a chance to have a normal life.

Poor Harleigh spent over three years of her life confined to a cage and was forced to birth litter after litter of puppies for her controlling owners. Would you believe that she had gone her whole life without ever feeling the simple pleasure of the human touch? Her former owners showed no consideration for her plight and the fact that puppy mills are still allowed to exist is very disheartening, to say the least.

Not long after she was rescued, a volunteer was able to spend time with her. However, the volunteer’s approach made her nervous and she would decide to retreat into the safety of her kennel’s corner. Seeing the dog act so afraid of human affection was definitely a moment that tugged at the heart strings of her caretakers.

Harleigh dug her claws into the arm of the volunteer, so they decided to hold onto the dog for a very long time, allowing her to see that their intentions were good. Harley also joined them and he knew Harleigh’s pain well, as he is a fellow survivor of the puppy mill world.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteer, Harleigh was able to grow more comfortable. It became clear to all parties involved that she wanted to trust a human and simply did not know how to do so. Having zero exposure to human beings who are kind, decent and have her best interest at heart had made her very skeptical of the world around her.

If you would like to find out more about Harleigh’s amazing journey and the connection she developed with her rescuers, be sure to watch this amazing video in full. It should also be shared with your closest friends and family members, so that awareness can be raised about the dangers of puppy mills.

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