VIDEO: I Had No Idea You Could Do This With Any Pizza Box. Did You?


Do you love take-out pizza as much as we love take-out pizza? We all have our reasons for wanting to order pizza besides just loving pizza. But for busy moms and dads quite often the whole idea of ordering pizza is so that we don’t have to fix a meal, wash the dishes from cooking, and wash the plates and any silverware we use to eat with. And the time it takes to fix a meal on a hectic weeknight or even weekend? Forget it. Hungry people get grouchy.
Ordering pizza makes that meal time convenient, easy, simple and satisfies everyone’s hungry tummies. This is especially true for us tired moms and dads who have worked hard all day or spent time driving to multiple soccer games, baseball games, or recitals on weekends.

We love the convenience of pizza but we hate the clumsy and awkward box it comes in. The lid was always in the way and didn’t fit on the serving table. Until now! We wish someone had come up with THIS solution a long time ago. This company has discovered the best pizza box ever made. This one is special! Watch how the lid is transformed into serving plates, making it so easy to serve to your family or guests. This is great whether you are at a table to eat, or sitting around the room watching a game or movie on TV. No paper plates to hand out, no dishes to wash; you’re all ready as soon as the pizza arrives!

That’s not all this box is capable of. Watch how he once again transforms the cardboard box into a storage container for leftover pizza. Slide that smaller transformed box right into the refrigerator so it’s ready to reheat for your midnight snack! (If there’s any pizza left over that is.)

Did you see how easy this would be to not only serve pizza on a busy night, but also to clean up? Wow. Who wouldn’t appreciate that aspect? Stash those cardboard “plates” into the wastebasket and you’re done. Spend more time with your kids or spouse instead of cleaning up.

Anyone who appreciates a simple solution would appreciate this new-fangled pizza box if it were available from their favorite pizza place. Take-out pizza places, pay attention! If you deliver your pizza in this clever box, it might just be the reason a family gives your pizza place repeat business. We’d be willing to bet that a few youth sports coaches and team moms would also find this a huge convenience when treating their teams after a game. This is such a simple but clever idea that makes a family or team pizza event even more enjoyable than before.

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