Very Funny Husky Says She Wants To Eat Potatoes For Dinner


You have to watch this short little video to believe it. You may need to watch it several times to come to believe what you see and hear. This dog named Mishka actually speaks or barks words that are clear enough to understand.

If you want to amaze your friends and dazzle them with something extraordinary then, share this video with them. This is strange but it is not the only time a dog has been captured talking.

A man is attempting to get his son interested in helping him make dinner. Trevor is probably five or six years old. Trevor would much rather play with the two big Huskies sitting on the bed than help make potatoes. Trevor even says he does not want potatoes. He must be a picky eater.

Mishka the dog is very interested in making potatoes. When the man asks the black and white Husky if she wants potatoes the response is clear and loud. The dog says “I want potatoes.” You cannot mistake what the dog says because it is so clear.

The dog speaks so clearly that it is jaw dropping. Stunning just does not capture the effect of this video at all. You cannot help sharing this amazing and true example of a dog imitating human speech. It is truly flabbergasting.

This is not the first and only time that people have captured a dog talking like a human. There are several other videos of dogs talking. They are all amazing, startling, and really funny.

Dog behavior experts have studied the phenomenon of dogs talking. The scientists claim that the dogs are asking for something when they make sounds like a person talking. Mishka wants potatoes obviously.

Dog science concludes that the dogs do not really understand the meaning of what they are saying. The video evidence indicates that Mishka knows what potatoes are and definitely wants some.

Show the video to your dog. It might get your dog to talk too. If your dog does start talking you might want to prepare your friends and family.

This may be one of the most amazing animal videos that you will ever see. It makes you think that the dog does know what it is saying regardless of what scientists have concluded.

Baked potatoes are actually good for dogs. Dog experts recommend that dogs do not eat raw potatoes but an occasional treat of a baked potato is good for the dog’s digestion. No dogs were harmed in the making of this video.

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