Unbelievable Dairy Delight For Dog


All mothers and wives have chastised their children and husbands about sucking the whipped cream straight out of the refrigerated spray bottle. There is something about this way of eating whipped cream that is so satisfying and devious that nothing women can do will deter their children and husbands from participating in this forbidden pleasure.


The woman who made this video came home and heard the unmistakable sucking noise of some miscreant slurping whipped cream out of the can and hurried to the kitchen to catch the culprit in the act. She expected to find a child but what she saw will astonish, amaze, and amuse you.

The family dog was the one eating the whipped cream straight out of the spray can. The dog is really having a great time with this. It is as funny as it is amazing and strange. The dog has that same glazed look in its eyes that humans do when they eat the whipped cream straight out of the can.

You just have to share this bizarre video. The dog is oblivious to the woman as he slurps the whipped cream and then presses the nozzle with his mouth for yet another blast of delicious.

It does not take a lot of imagination to understand who the dog learned this trick from. The children taught the dog to behave badly. The amazing thing is that the dog is smart enough to manage a fairly complex task at least for a dog. The dog understood the concept that produced gratification.

We can assume that some children were interrogated thoroughly about who left the whipped cream out or who let the dog eat the whipped cream. You have to wonder if the children and the dog enjoyed the treat at the same time. That is probably safe since a dog’s mouth is actually cleaner than a person’s mouth is.

The lady acknowledges that whipped cream is probably not good for the dog but she just could not resist taking this funny video. Now the poor woman has another whipped cream bandit in the house to worry about.

Share this video with friends because it is one of the strangest and funniest animal antics that you will ever see. The dog learned to do something “wrong” by watching people. This is amazing. You might not want to show the video to young kids and dogs to prevent them from getting any ideas about whipped cream and dogs.

Source: Dog eats whipped cream straight from the canister by CaseyOfficer on Rumble

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