Two Faced Kitty Frank And Louie Set A World Record, Then Pass Away…


Frank and Louie was very special for more reasons than one. They defied all odds for fifteen years to become the oldest living cat on record until the 4th of December 2014 when cancer got the better of them.

Frank and Louie made such an impact on the world both around it and beyond and made it a really sad farewell when the time came for it. The Janus Cats (named after the Roman god Janus who had two faces) were not expected to live that long at all coupled with the fact that they had a health issue like being born conjoined.

Worldwide, conjoined animals hardly live long at all; this can be attributed to health complications that result from such a condition as that. The Guinness World Record holding feline was described as affectionate and sweet and having the ability to easily win people over to himself very quickly.
Frank and Louie was initially expected by veterinarians to last only a few day (standard with Janus animals). Born in 1999, the cat had one brain, two noses, two mouths of which only one functioned; three eyes with only the two outermost ones being used to see. But despite its irregular features, it was described as a regular cat.

Adopting the cat was an act of kindness by veterinary nurse and owner Martha Stevens who took it home despite having strong and well – founded beliefs that it will not survive and would only stay alive for just a matter of days. But it went on to become more than just a cat but a companion and friend with whom she had shared 15 years of beautiful and irreplaceable memories.
While being awarded its Guinness World record in 2012, spokespersons for the Cummings School of Veterinary where the cat was first brought in 1999 admitted how impressive and remarkable a feat it was to find that the cat grew into an adult and a healthy one at that.
Frankie and Louie may be gone, but it will never be forgotten as their against – all – odds longevity has made it out into a world – wide sensation. The Janus Cat has gained quite the following over the years and the whole world – not just the owner – will miss this wonder of nature.

The owner has decided that she will find a new Janus cat to adopt in memory of Frank and Louie. RIP Frank and Louie.Please share this beautiful story with your friends too…RIP Frank and Louie…

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