Try Not To Cry When You Watch These Dogs Get Freed From Their Chains


Many dogs around the world are deserted by their owners. It happens far more often than we realize. Though there are shelters that would take them in and care for them until a new home is found; the small fee to surrender the dogs is more than some people are willing to pay.

Two sweet dogs names Mama and Oreo were abandoned by their owners. They were left to starve to death. A kind lady saw them and her heart told her to help. She rescued the dogs and gave them a dog house and food and water. The problem is, she is in poor health and did not have a way to allow them to roam freely. In order for her to care for the animals she had to keep them tied up. This vastly limited the area in which the dogs could roam.

This is when The Coalition To Unchain Dogs got involved. Volunteers erected a fence on property and added hay to the ground and in the dog houses to keep the dogs warm in the winter. One at a time, the dogs were released into their new yards.

Immediately, the dogs began running and jumping! They were so happy they licked the volunteers and wagged their tails. Now the dogs could behave like the animals they are and the woman is able to take care of them in the manner of which she wants.

There are groups like the coalition all over the country. There are shelters and there are animal lovers. There is no excuse in deserting a pet. The need for more facilities is needed as are stronger laws to prosecute heartless people who are so cruel as to leave an animal to die. These are the same people who refuse to have their dogs fixed allowing more animals to be left to their own defense. These are the same people to drop their pets off on country roads alone and afraid. There is no excuse for people like that and they should be held accountable.
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Until that happens, the world is blessed to have people like The Coalition to Unchain Dogs and this woman who put the lives of two dogs above her own health. As for Mama and Oreo; they are very happy they met these kind people.

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