Throwaway Mama Dog Rescued From Brooklyn Subway


Throwaway mama dogs are females who are used for breeding. The puppies may be sold for pets or experiments. The throwaway mama is abandoned when she can no longer produce puppies. The females are usually kept in isolated and cramped cages.


This video shows the rescue and rehabilitation of one throwaway mama dog. The dog looks lost and stunned by surroundings that she obviously had never been exposed to. Share this really sad video in the hope that someone will adopt this abused dog and give her a loving permanent home.


The video and accompanying photographs show the plight and rescue of one throwaway mama dog that eventually got named Betsey. The dog is tied to the railing by a leash outside a busy subway terminal in Brooklyn, New York. An untold number of people passed the dog by without doing anything for the animal.


The place where the dog was and the fact that the dog was secured by a leash may have led most people who saw the dog to think the animal was waiting on her human. Sarah Borok was the only person who realized that the dog was in trouble. She stuck with the abandoned dog and called the police who got animal rescue on the scene.


Mr. Bones, the New York animal rescue service, provided Betsey with a home, food, and a medical checkup. The dog was in surprisingly decent shape considering the life that she had been forced to live. Betsey had pressure sores on all of her joints, needed an extensive nail job, and had an unknown substance that stained her light brown coat.


Betsey acts like a normal dog around other dogs. She wags her tail and sniffs her dog companions much like a normal dog. The problem for Betsey is a total lack of experience with the world that most dogs experience. Betsey is now aware of human kindness instead of abuse. The dog even recognized her rescuer when Borok visited her at the animal shelter.

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Betsey has a temporary home now but needs a permanent home. Share this video in the hope that someone will adopt this dog that was thrown away and take the time to help her adapt to the world she never knew. Share the video so that the abusive throwaway mama dog practice becomes extinct.


This video and the photographs show exactly how much difference a single person’s kindness and concern can mean to an abandoned and abused animal.


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