Vets Thought This Tiny Puppy Would Die, But Watch What This Pit Bull Does…


All dogs are not created equal and little Hunter is living proof. You see, Hunter was born with a unique difficulty that makes it very difficult for him to live an enjoyable life. He cannot successfully compete with his brothers and sisters when it comes to getting around, feeding himself and finding a forever home that will take him in.


Hunter’s mother was found by rescue workers during her pregnancy and she gave birth to him a few weeks later. When he was born, it was discovered that his leg was severely underdeveloped. As it turns out, he was unable to use the leg and doctors believed that he may as well have been born without the leg in the first place.

Hunter was not able to nurse with the rest of his litter, due to the leg issues. Soon, he would become the runt of the litter and was considered to be the weakest of the pack. As all of the other puppies started to grow into big and strong grown-ups, Hunter lagged behind and his prognosis was certainly grim.


From there, foster care became necessary and Hunter’s foster parent was understandably worried about his development. She put in the time and effort to nurse him back to the health, feeding him by hand every two hours, so that his strength would increase.

Everywhere she went, Hunter went. It did not matter if she has headed to work, social events or even the movies, Hunter was in tow. Her dedication and willpower are definitely commendable.


It took a great deal of dedication on her part, but Hunter was able to pull through during a difficult time and is now healthy and strong. His strength has increased to the point where he can now have the surgery he so desperately needs. The cumbersome leg can finally be removed and Hunter’s diagnosis for the future is almost uniformly positive.

He is doing great now and his foster home expects him to make a full recovery from his earlier difficulties. Check out this adorable little guy, by clicking on the video clip.


After getting through his surgical procedure with flying colors, Hunter was finally able to locate a forever home that would take him in. He now has a loving family to see him through the hard times and he is expected to continue to grow into a healthy and happy canine.

Hunter, in summary. from Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue on Vimeo.

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