This Tiny Baby Was Abandoned By His Mom… But You’ll Never Guess Who His New Friend Is!


The fox in this story has had a tough go of things so far and after being abandoned, he was discovered in a garden in Northwest London. When he was found, the animal required immediate medical attention if he was going to survive. The National Fox Welfare Society and the RSPCA of England decided to step in and provide the animal with the help he so desperately needed.


His mother was long gone and he had a long, arduous battle in front of him. Fortunately, the little guy had a strong fighting spirit and was prepared to take on all comers. His odds immediately improved within days and from there, he was given the name Puggle.

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Puggle slowly started to eat and drink more and began to grow. As the baby fox continued to develop, his health began to improve drastically. He was fed by hand and his rescuers made sure that he was able to get lots and lots of sleep.

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Since he was the very first fox to receive help from the he National Fox Welfare Society, the little fellow garnered a fair amount of attention from the media. He even managed to make a new friend during his recovery, becoming best buds with a stuffed bunny. Seeing this baby fox cuddle with his stuffed bunny is one of the most adorable sights that we have ever laid eyes on.

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Puggle now has a new home to call his own and don’t worry, he was allowed to bring his new pal along for the ride. The two friends are very happy together and they enjoy regular playtime. While Puggle has continued to grow, there are certain elements of his personality that have not changed.

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He maintains the same love and affection for his bunny friend that he had when he was small and this little fox just might be one of the most loyal creatures walking the planet. His friend might not be 100 percent real, but the bond that the baby fox has built with him is. They are too cute together and we are happy to see that they have been able to maintain such a close connection as the baby grows older.

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