This Pregnant Mom Would Not Have Her Babies. Wait Till You Find Out Why…


Java was a dog that was abandoned in her backyard after her family decided to move without her. She was pregnant, and refused to give birth to her babies. After several rescue groups came to get her, she was finally brought to safety. Once she was safe and sound, she gave birth to nine puppies within just hours of being rescued. The Florida Boxer Rescue Organization was responsible for the rescue and found Java as well as all of her puppies a new home forever.

How can any family abandon their dog especially knowing that the dog was pregnant? This is exactly what happened. The dog was discovered, and one of the “Angels” from the rescue organization called some friends to get some help. Java was finally brought in, and at that time, was very pregnant. She still refused to give birth, until she was within a rescue shelter.

Once she felt completely safe, she was ready to give birth, but it wasn’t time yet. One of the Angels arranged a fundraiser in order to help, and provided health care to the dog.

Java was given a full checkup. She had an ear infection and a few other problems. The animal hospital didn’t have the room or the funding to take Java in on a permanent basis. Where was she going to go? Everywhere they looked, there was no vacancy.

Poor Java was just in need of a home. She couldn’t be abandoned yet again! Nob Hill Animal Clinic was finally able to open their doors. She then gave birth at this clinic within hours of arriving. She had five boys and four girls.

They said that she was an excellent mother, and took to them all right away. What a good mother! She refused to give birth until she could feel safe.

This video is so cute and heartwarming once you realize that she has given birth. You see all of the puppies lying next to each other, feeding. They all come out quickly and their little pink nurses are absolutely adorable.

After they were all taken care of, they were sent to Fort Myers to a shelter so they could be given a new home. The angels are all happy to help because being able to rescue a boxer family is why they do what they do.

What do you think about this story? How brave was this dog for not giving birth until she was safe?

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