Ex Owners Beat And Lit This Pit Bull On Fire, Now Watch What He’s Doing


Warning: There are several graphic images in this story. Viewer discretion is certainly advised.

There are certain stories that shake your faith in the human race, that are too evil to fathom or comprehend. Animal abuse stories always fit this bill. How can a person even think to hurt or torture an innocent creature who has done absolutely nothing wrong? Stories like this make us sick to our stomachs.


The pitbull in this story was actually set on fire. And worst of all, he was set on fire by a small child. Louis Vuitton (the name of the dog in question) was living with a family and all seemed well initially. But this family was harboring an evil little boy with cruel intentions.


The story went national eight years ago, when poor little Louis was set on fire by the child. Not only did the child light an innocent dog on fire, he beat him very badly. If you are wondering where the parents were during this unfortunate situation, you are not alone. A child with these types of tendencies should never be allowed to spend time alone with an innocent pup.


Fortunately, justice was served. The owner of the dog was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and given the harshest sentence possible. The sentence he received was the longest ever handed down in the state’s history for this particular crime.


Six years ago, Juan Daniels was sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for the damage that was done to Louis. In our eyes, this monstrous owner got off way too easy. The sentence was light, considering the atrocities that were committed.


Louis’ story has a happy ending, though. Louis’ hometown of Montgomery, Alabama rallied around him and he was placed in the Golden Animal Hospital, where it took him months to recover from the injuries that he sustained.

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He maintained a high level of friendliness and won over his doctors with his licks and his tail wags. Over 75 percent of his body had been burned and he needed dozens of surgeries. William Hartley and his wife Dee decided to adopt Louis once he was healed, adding him to their stable of rescue dogs.


Louis is now a happy member of a family that loves him, living in a forever home where he will be kept safe at all times. He made it to see his 13th birthday and was able to commemorate the occasion with new toys and the people who love him most. Love will always conquer hate and this story needs to be shared with your friends and family.



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