You Won’t Believe What This Mother of 6 Did to Totally Rock Her Laundry Space


This busy, exhausted mother is like many others out there who finally decided one day that enough was enough. She decided to renovate her laundry room and came up with a variety of do it yourself solutions, all of which were exceedingly inexpensive. She came up with these solutions on a mere 400 dollar budget, much to the surprise of the rest of her family.
The mother in this video, who is named Ronda, and her husband Les are carrying a huge burden. The couple has six children, whose ages vary between 10 and 20, including a set of 13 year old twin girls. As you can imagine, the laundry room is a constant point of contention for the busy mother. It is likely that she feels unappreciated, even though she puts in a great deal of effort.
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Ronda is often forced to spend several days on each load of laundry. The process of folding and sorting laundry for six children and a husband can take Ronda up to two whole days. No one should be made to spend that much time inside of a laundry room, no matter how dedicated they are to their family’s well-being.

Even in an eight person home, there is very little room for Ronda to maneuver inside of the laundry room. While most homes with this amount of people would typically dedicate more space to help out the mother, Ronda’s laundry room was anything but spacious. Poor Ronda was given zero space to accomplish her arduous tasks.

She did not even have basic laundry room necessities, such as cabinets and other storage areas. As a result, clothes would tend to gather in piles on the floor or be strewn about the living room. Ronda finally decided that enough was enough, making a decision that would change her laundry situation for the better.

It is amazing what Les and Ronda were able to accomplish with some discount materials retrieved from a local center for home improvements, also known as ReStore. Once Ronda had located the materials she liked best, she then set about the task of properly installing and painting all of them. Laundry room renovation is no easy task and Ronda’s results have now gone viral.

Ronda was able to equip her beleaguered laundry room with a variety of incredibly helpful features, including organizational bins, additional storage space, a folding table, an ironing board that is built into the wall, as well as many others. It’s no wonder that this video has been viewed well over one million times. Moms everywhere are jealous of what Ronda was able to do and wish that they could do the same in their laundry rooms. Her resourcefulness should serve as a lesson to us all!

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