This Kitten Was As Tiny As A Chap Stick, Thanks To Love, This Is How He Looks Today!


Rescuers found a mommy cat, one malnourished and 6 more kittens double the size of the malnourished one in a thick foliage. When they saw the situation they picked up the little family and took it to Fabulous Felines NWA immediately and did the only thing thy could do at that point: PRAY

After a week of milk bottle feeding from the rescuers Stuart looked completely different! He already grew some facial hair, he looked a little bigger, and most importantly he was safe now. No danger will be posed to him now.

Meet Stuart Little

little kitten

tiny cat2

Their mommy did not stay with her children, but Stuart was not alone. She was with her other siblings. She had her sisters and brother all the time by his side. Even though he was not as big as them, he could grow day after day, healthy and happy now.

tiny cat3

Meet Bessie, Stuart’s first surrogate mommy. Bessie stepped up and decided to make these little kitten’s life easier. She gave these little creatures lots of love, furry warm cuddles, and lots of licks just like her mommy would do.

tiny cat4

After six weeks this is what Stuart looks like. He is still very small, and tinny, but we all know that the growing process is not the same for everyone. The little kitten is just having a slower process than hir siblings.

tiny cat6

The important thing is that this little kitten is safe and sound. She doesn’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy her days as a little silly tiny kitten in this big scary world. After all he is bigger than the chop stick now. He has a long way to go still, but he will turn out just fine. I swear!

tiny cat7

Well Ladies and Gentleman’s this is how Stuard looks like right now! He is such an incredible handsome tomcat.

tiny cat8

Incredible what a little love can do right? Well, if this inspired you, please go ahead and share this story with your friends too!

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