This Kitten May Be Deformed, But Her Will To Live Will Inspire You!


Deformities are a common occurrence with animals, even with pets. Although in most cases, the individual is at a disadvantage, there are situations where the animal in question survives even to adulthood. There are many kinds of deformities that can render an adorable pet at a disadvantage.

One major and most common kind of deformity is physical deformities at birth. There have been countless cases of animals born with physical deformities. The reason for these occurrences is sometimes far beyond our wildest imagination but since these things do occur, many people have been forced to live with it.

Talking about animals born with deformity, it is quite amazing to observe how determined these animals could be to pull through their predicament. Although, it is something that they cannot change or avoid, they seem to take it as one of life’s common challenges and set their mind to live with it, no matter the situation. No wonder, these animals survive into adulthood despite their deformity.

Although, if they were to be in the wild, their chance of survival would be very slim especially if they were to be in a predator-infested area, because their deformities will serve as a weak point for them to escape from an opportunistic predator. But since they are being domesticated in the home, they are more likely to survive into adulthood because there are no predators to attack them.

This whole thing is about Pretzel and her siblings. These are kittens who were abandoned because they were all born with deformities. One Good Samaritan woman named Laura, took it upon herself to adopt and cater for them when she heard that due to lack of resources, all kittens are likely to be euthanized. The task of caring for these deformed kittens was not an easy one as it became not only long but grueling.

At that time, they were on a few days old, and so the needed so much of attention. Unfortunately, two of the kittens could not make it only Pretzel. She fought so hard like a wounded soldier on the battlefield. Little by little Pretzel gathered strength, courage and experience to survive coupled with the love, care and support she received from Laura.
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Today, this little kitten is fast growing into an adult and is still determined to pull through.

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