This Is What It’s Like For A Dog To Live On A Chain


Chaining a dog down and leaving it for extended periods of time can do a lot of harm to the wellbeing of that dog. Doing this is often not intended but it doesn’t make the outcome any less alarming. Dogs are social creatures and crave a lot of tender love and affection. Of course there are various laws that determine whether you can chain your dog or not.


When dogs are in chains, their movement is restricted and they are unable to do all that their instinct tell them to do. One of the most social animals are dogs as they constantly desire to get involved in activities with humans and other dogs. Imagine what being chained does to a dog, every time it wants to run and play, it is pulled back by the chain and it ends up pacing continuously hoping that someone would come its way.

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The interesting qualities dogs exhibit are numerous, they are incredibly loving and loyal to a fault, very forgiving and form lifelong bonds with their owners once they are shown care and devotion. Most dogs even while they are chained and neglected, try to reach out once they hear a familiar voice or sound, their natural response is to run towards it but they are instantly pulled back by the chain attached to their necks and this turns out to be a torturous venture.

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Chained dogs after a while start to get more violent and as time goes by, their barks start to become more threatening that friendly. They are very smart creatures and notice when they are deliberately being ignored and mistreated and this makes them gradually lose touch with their friendly and cuddly nature and they lash out more. Yet, every time they see that familiar face or here a familiar sound, they are hopeful once again that they would get your attention this time around and you can maybe take them off the leash to roam free and play.

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After a while the dog starts to lose faith in that in that day of freedom. A time where the dog can be free to run around the house and jump over fences and play fetch with its owner. Why have a dog only to chain it down, away from everything it wants and loves? Dogs deserve all the love and affection they can get; they are man’s best friend after all.


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