This is how people responded, when they were asked to doodle the picture of this cat. LOL


Recently different people have joined to a funny, yet really creative challenge. The picture of a cat sitting like cats normally sit, was posted online. This is how people responded, when they were asked to doodle the picture of this cat. Everyone became as creative as they could, and brought to life different aspect, and approaches to the real cat. It is funny to see how much people can imagine, and how different the imagination of each one can be. What I will post below is the original picture of the cat that was posted online at first, then you will see 10 other pictures following. Those are the creations of different people. Which one is the coolest doodle in your opinion? My favorite is number 10.

This is the original photo of the cat. Everyone had to create a doodle based on this picture. 

funny cat

#1-  I am the ultimate lord, and you ALL should fear me. 

funny cat 10

#2- Being a supermodel is quiet easy. All I need to do is chill. They do the rest for me. funny cat9

#3- Princess Cat Diaries. funny cat8

#4- Gorgeous HairCat. Can anyone pull that hairstyle off better than this guy over here? funny cat7

#5- They see me rollin’ they hattin’… funny cat5

#6- Doing house choruses is quiet enjoyable to me. Ir is an interesting way to exercise, and meditate. This is how I take my most important decisions. funny cat4

#7- See how cool I am? I got a Witch that takes me everywhere. I can see the world whenever I want too. funny cat3

#8- having a beautiful Waistline is not easy. I have to train really hard to get it. funny cat1

#9- I never knew Skateboarding could be so much fun. It is one of the best sports I have tried so far. You all should try it sometimes. funny cat

#10- Can you please leave me alone? I am in the middle of something here, can’t you see? I am trying to read a boo about life, and I am totally enjoying it! reading a book

Source: BoredPanda

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