This Guide Dog’s Reaction To Meeting Pluto Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week!


Have you ever had the chance to meet one of your idols? The experience can definitely be humbling and there are a lot of us who wouldn’t know how to act in such a scenario. The dog in this short clip certainly falls into that category and you just might hurt yourself laughing at this initial meet and greet.

Ace is a helpful guide dog who was recently given the opportunity to head to Disney. One of the best parts about going to Disney is getting the chance to meet all of your favorite characters from their amazing back catalog of movies and cartoon shows.
It is safe to say that our buddy Ace was completely unable to contain his excitement upon meeting his idol Pluto. Dogs from all walks of life look up to Pluto and he is one of the most beloved characters in the entire Disney family.

Seeing Ace enjoying himself this much (with an assist from Pluto, of course) is heartwarming. Guide dogs are some of the most important animals of all and the services that they perform each day go a long way towards ensuring the health and safety of numerous citizens.

Pluto is having a lot of fun at this meeting, as well, waving to Ace and playing with him. The dog’s reactions to Pluto just might be the best part about this clip and at a tidy 15 seconds, you just might end up running it back over and over and over again. If you’re anything like us, that is!

This video is one of the funniest things that we’ve seen in a long time and Ace deserves to have a good time on his vacation. He’s worked hard to ensure the continued safety of his master and all he wants to do now is hang out with his all time hero and play. Who can blame him, though? We wish we could spend our time hanging out with Pluto, too!

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