This Family Rescued An Abandoned ‘Puppy’ That They Found Near A Lake. What They Found Out Later, Unbelievable!


This is a really cute little video that shows some of the surprises that wildlife has in store for people. The video also shows just how beneficial social media has become in helping people take care of abandoned animals and finding new homes for them.


A family from Whitehorse, Canada was taking an Easter break on Marsh Lake when they find what they thought was an abandoned puppy. The animal looks like a puppy. The family naturally adopts the animal and takes it home with them.

The “puppy” is all dark brown and has a white tip on its tail. If no one told you then you would swear that this is a dog. The tiny little hand sized animal has that familiar sad puppy face.

The family tries bottle feeding the animal as they turn to social media to find a wet nurse (dog) for the supposed puppy. They found a dog to take over the feeding and nurturing of the animal that they thought was a dog.


The little animal does some things that make the family think they do not have a dog. Speculation about what the animal really is was rampant on social media. The ideas range from an otter to a wolverine but no one expects the “puppy” to be a fox.

Wildlife experts from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve got involved and identified the critter as a Red Fox. The family continued to care for the fox that was a puppy until the Preserve prepared a new home for the orphaned fox.


Anyone that thinks these people were not being observant about the animal needs to take a good look at the video and the photographs. That looks like a puppy. Dogs came from wolves. Dogs, wolves, and foxes look very much alike when they are very young.

The family seems happy to take care of their little fox just like it was a puppy until a more natural home can be prepared for the little guy.

You need to share this with other people. It is definitely unique. The video shows that kindness and love toward any suffering animal has an abundance of rewards and all the help that any person or animal needs.

Share this on social media to give people that you know an idea of the good that they can do for abandoned and orphaned dogs or foxes if they just do a little typing and searching.

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