This Cow Was Scared & Crying, But Then Realized What Was REALLY Going On


Nowadays most people in our society work in services and in industries, and less than 10%, of people work in agriculture. Even though the amount of people working in agriculture is so low, we still produce enough food to feed our entire country, and to export to other countries, all thanks to technology.

All of this means that we no longer need to slaughter innocent animals in order for us to survive, we can live off of what the Earth provides us… Unfortunately, we still kill millions of innocent animals every year so we can eat comfortably. We have, however, been gaining s lot of respect for animals over the years.
This means that the story you see in the video can be unique for now but, in time, it’ll start to be a pretty common thing. In the video we cannot the story of s poor that was going to be slaughtered. She probably knee as it, as she wasn’t looking too well when her death was scheduled.

But then something amazing happened and the cow didn’t need to be slaughtered anymore. Her life is now being preserved so she can enjoy it and be happy, without anyone or anything trying to ruin that for her.
Unfortunately, thousands of animals are still slaughtered on s daily basis but I believe that in this this is all going to change. Soon enough, there won’t be any more useless deaths, it’s all a matter of time.

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