This Cow’s Reaction To Being Fed A Pickle Is Hysterical – I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Some videos are so much funnier than others. This is a case where it is truly hilarious, and even the people featured inside the video are going hysterical.

Cows munch on grass all day long. As far as anyone knows, that is all that they really eat. It makes you wonder if this is really the case, though. Once you see this video, you are going to wonder if, at least this cow, has ever had pickles before.

A car full of women come to a stop, and the passenger has her window down. The outcomes over and shows his entire head into the car. He gives an appreciative lick across the face of the woman and munches on her pickle, too.

Hold up. The cow ate the woman’s pickle. This seriously has to be the largest town, ever. Everyone is laughing, but I’m not sure I would be laughing if such a large head was leaning across me and that huge tongue was coming at me.

Nope, I wouldn’t be a fan of it.


The women, however, seem to be having a blast with it. There is a number pickle in the car, and you can see the cow trying to reach for it to make sure that he gets to munch on that one, too.

The craziest part about this whole video is wondering how it all got started. Did they come to a stop, roll down the window, and try to lure the cow over with the pickle? Were they simply eating pickles in the car with their window open and the cow decided to come over and check it out? There are so many unanswered questions, and trying to come up with answers for them all is perhaps going to make you start laughing all over again.

It’s funny because it happened to someone else. The women were probably laughing so hard because they were in shock over how the whole thing went down.

Have you ever met a pickle loving cow before? It’s probable that this woman is going to keep her window up the next time that she is eating a pickle near a cow field.
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The video is short, and well worth a laugh that you are going to get – and share on social media so your friends see it too.

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