This Cat Born With Two Legs And One Ear Will Melt Your Heart!


1 in 1000 cats is born with birth defects. Some are born with strange looking paws, or no paws at all, others without ears. These defects make them disabled and you can imagine how difficult life would be for a disabled animal.

Disabilities have a way of putting both people and animals in a bad mood, but somehow, they manage to be the strongest amongst others. These disabled cats do the extraordinary to stay alive even though they are shunned by the society because they are different.


The story of Esparanca, the cat born with only one ear and two legs will melt your heart. The feline who lives in Brazil was not deterred by the birth defect that made her different. She was born without her front paws due to a birth defect which is relatively rare and is called terminal Hemimelia.


This defect means that her front legs stopped growing at the humerus which is the upper bone of the front leg.


People around Esperanca felt the cat may not survive as it will be challenging for a human, let alone, a cat to deal with such a severe disability.


She didn’t let it stop her, she still moves around without the front legs and is perfectly healthy. There are no health concerns with her for now. Although, there are speculations that she might have back pain when she is older and may require prosthetic.


But for now, Esperanca is just great and does not need a prosthetic to move around the house and play.


Esperanca can leap very high as a kangaroo in a very sweet way. Most cats with disabilities tend to add weight due to lack of mobility, and this is not the case with Esperanca, she is fit.


She walks on her back paws and also keeps the lowest portion of the hind legs down for balance, isn’t it amazing? It simply is.


Esperanca plays and is a happy cat, and she is also very fast on her hind legs. She adapted to using her mouth to pick things up since her front paws are not available, and there is no problem that she hasn’t been able to overcome. She plays with her toys and seems very comfortable with herself.


She has an independent personality which is very inspiring. She adapted to moving around on her hind legs and does not need any help. She loves to do things by herself and also loves to help others too.


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