This ‘Broken’ Dog Just Wanted To Die. And Then Something Happened No One Expected…


Pets are a great joy to their owners, and teach us a thing or two about patience and kindness. Some pets enjoys a loving and caring family or owner, while some others are beaten and treated badly by their owners. There is an alarming number of animal cruelty that is reported daily on the television, Internet and in the newspaper. Your friend or neighbor might be guilty of treating their pet badly. Please always report these types of cruelty to the authorities. Statistics shows that dogs are more affected than other pets by these cruel humans.


According to this report in the media.

  • 64.5% (1,212) involved dogs are abused every year in the U.S
  • 18 percent (337) involved cats
  • 25 percent (470) involved other animals.

This is a clear indication that dogs are the most abused animals in the U.S. And this shocking number of animal cruelty are mostly common in both the rural and urban area. This is just the tip of the ice, as most times some cases are not even reported or recorded. Luckily Lou’s case happens to be one of the few recorded cases.

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Lou was rescued from the streets where he was abandoned by his abusive owner to the shelter. He was later adopted from the shelter but he was still afraid and traumatized from the severe shock he had suffered from.


His spirit have been broken and he could not let anyone or any other dogs come close to him. He was seen as aggressive, which is so unlikely of his nature. So one summer he was taken to the beach where he met Buddha.


Buddha was like, “nice to meet you, will you be my friend? “


.. and a sincere friendship began forming


They were always together, taking a stroll and even lounging in the sun. Something Lou has not done before. It was clear, Lou is a survivor as he looked so excited at the experience. He was so happy and playful and no one have ever seen him that way before. Who knew that a day at the beach will do such a miracle?

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What a miraculous recovery! After such traumatic experience, Lou is now a happy, healthy dog that is loving life. Be a good spot and share this story using the button below.

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