This Boy Saw A Sick Girl At A Hockey Game, What He Did For Her Had Everyone Cheering


This short little video shows you the best in people or at least in young people we call children. You might think the video is about sports or is the result of a sport like hockey but you are just dead wrong. This short video that made the national news in Canada tells the story of a real man that just happens to inhabit a boy’s body.
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No sport ever taught anyone to think and act this way. This behavior is inspired by the consideration of others before yourself. That is a rare commodity anywhere let alone in professional sports.

Keaton Hamin is a nine year old boy that is a fan of the Winnipeg Jets. Keaton idolizes Jets defense man Tyler Myers. During the game Keaton won an autographed hockey stick signed by his idol. It was the treasure of a life time to a little boy.

Alyx Delaloye was attending a previous Jets game. She has leukemia. The little girl and her mother are shown holding up a poster at the game that says “Chemo by Day … Jets by Night.” The little girl is totally bald from the chemotherapy treatments for her leukemia but does not lack for spirit or enthusiasm.

Seconds after Keaton Hamin gets the prized hockey stick with his idol’s signature he rushes up a few flights of steps and gives the award to Alyx Delaloye who is attending this other game with her mother. The little girl who appears to have boundless energy despite being sick runs down the steps to embrace Keaton in thanks for his gift.

In an interview several days after the event, Keaton is asked why he gave the little girl his trophy hockey stick. The shy little boy just says “I felt bad for her that she had cancer and I wanted to give her a little support.”

The Jets had a special ceremony to show respect for Keaton’s selflessness and gave him another trophy hockey stick with his idol’s signature on it.

Quite often, people idolize athletes for their physical abilities. Likewise, people that make a lot of money are put forward as examples. Politicians and religious leaders strive to make themselves appear to be sincerely interested in the welfare of other people.

A nine year old boy named Keaton Hamin shows all athletes, politicians, business people, pastors, and everyone else what being a man and a real human being is all about.

The concept may be hard to fathom for most people who put themselves first. This little boy had the courage and the need to help someone else enough to give away something that he cherished probably above anything else. It would be a better world if all our supposed leaders could learn this trait from this little boy.

In the years to come in this kind little man’s life, one has to wonder what he will remember more. Will he remember winning the hockey stick? Will he remember being on television? Will he remember being given an autographed hockey stick by his hero hockey player? He probably will remember the little girl’s hug long after he forgets about any of the other.

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