This Beautiful Reunion Was 2 Terrible Years In The Making


A puppy was found locked inside a box, standing beside a dumpster. The person who found this poor puppy said: “He was in extremely rough shape” Alix John of the Washington Humane Society tells The Dodo. “His coat was filled with urine and feces. His nails were so long they were curled back beneath the pads of his paws.” Since this puppy was found in terrible conditions, it was really hard for him to walk or see. His hair grew really long, it’s nails also.

This is how the Poor Shih Tzu was found: 

Shih tzu

The saddest thing is that this poor puppy was once stolen from its owner in Miami two years ago. Since it was stolen, the owner was not been able to find this puppy. The bright side of this terrible story is that this puppy had a microchip, and his name was POLO. 

Shih Tzu1

The Washington Humane Society was lucky enough to contact the former owner of this puppy. His name was  Jason St-Fluer. As soon as he found out that his puppy was safe and sound, he decided to drive to Washington from New York, where he lived now! The moment he enter the shelter he could not believe his eyes.

This was the most beautiful moment for both of them. A reunion after two long painful years, was the best reward ever. Shih Tzu3

I can only believe that both parties thought they would never see each other ever again. It is really sad to think that a relationship like this could be ruined by someone who decides to intervene. Thank GOD their story had a happy ending. It is the best thing to know that there is always hope. So as soon as you adopt a puppy, make sure to get him/her microchiped.

Happy endings <3

Shih Tzu4

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