This Dog Walked 200 Miles For A Reason You Won’t Believe!


When pets go missing, it can take a long time before we are reunited with them. While the process is certainly rewarding, it can be difficult for a person and their pet to withstand the pain of being apart from one another.

Precious few dogs are equipped with the microchips that their owners need to be able to find them when they are lost. In many instances, shelters find the dogs first and euthanize them before they have been given the chance to reunite with the owners who miss them terribly.


The dog in this story was not willing to accept this fate and decided to take matters into her own hands. He wanted to find the woman who had initially rescued him and she did not care how long it took. As a result, this dog traveled a whopping 200 miles to make his way home.


This amazing tale of perseverance takes place in Russia. The dog’s name is Shavi and she was struck by a motorist and left for dead. As a result, Shavi had been left to fend for herself on the cold Russian streets, living off of whatever food she was able to scrounge up. The accident broke both of her legs and left her with a variety of injuries.


Shavi’s plight had gone largely unnoticed, until a couple of people showed up, took her in and helped her to mend her injuries. The vets who helped nurse Shavi back to health put out a call for someone to care for her until she was ready to walk again. Nina was the only person brave enough to take on the responsibility.


Not only did she help Shavi to walk once more, Nina also taught her several commands. It took some time for Shavi to learn how to trust a person again and she still needed to overcome her fear of cars.

Nina was forced to get rid of Shavi, due to familial obligations and the dog was able to find a new family to live with. But Shavi only had eyes for Nina. She escaped from her new home and made the 200 mile journey to find her rescuer.


Shavi’s journey was an incredibly successful one, and Shavi and Nina are now together for good. This is one determined pup and her story deserves to be shared with all of your closest friends and family members.


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