You’d Think This Horse Gallops Around Like Any Other, But You’d Be WRONG


While this video may seem like a normal clip, it serves as proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Horses are some of the most majestic creatures on the planet and their ability to entertain and astound is second to none. If you are an equestrian lover, then you will want to watch this video in its full entirety.

Andreas Helgstrand and his horse, Blue Hors Matine, have developed a connection with one another that is almost symbiotic. When they first enter the stage, there is a definite sense that something magical is about to take place, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it. One thing is clear: these two have spent a lot of time together and know their routine inside and out.
But this is not your everyday horse show. Blue Hors Matine has got some serious moves and he begins his showcase with a complicated pirouette maneuver. Helgstrand maintains a level of straightness during the beginning of the dance routine that must have taken several years to cultivate, as those of us who have ridden horses in the past are well aware of.

Riding a horse may seem simple, but it takes a certain level of patience and determination to truly master the skill. Being able to move in time with a horse who is dancing? Next to impossible!

You have never seen a horse with these kinds of moves before. Audiences at home will be blown away when they catch a glimpse of the amazing connection that has been built between Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine. Their bond has been forged through countless hours of hard work and a shared dedication to putting on a phenomenal show.

We have never seen a horse moving with this level of confidence or freedom. He is a dancing fool and his moves would put most humans to shame, let alone horses. You may have a hard time watching this video in its entirety, since your jaw could end up on the floor. A clip like this one does not come along on an everyday basis and you will want to see this full dance routine, so that you can truly appreciate it.
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