They Were Stuck In A Frustrating Traffic Jam… But Then They Saw Something You’ll NEVER Believe.


Keeping dangerous animals as pets in a major status symbol in the UAE, even though the government has strict laws on the domestication of such animals. According to reports by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, approximately 800 animals are endangered and being marketed for private sale on particular sites.

As many as 3000 people have wild animals as pets in the UAE. The UAE has banned the import of these endangered species of wild animals and has also prohibited individuals from using them as pets. This warning has fallen on deaf ears as they rich Arabs still prefer to showcase their status using these endangered animals. A lot of wildlife advocates are of the belief that the reason behind this utter disobedience is the inability of the current government to enforce these laws.
The prevalence of this Act has become a threat to public safety and to the lives of most of these animals who are endangered. Wildlife reporters say that these people buy the animals from the black market and have no idea of how to care for them and when they live out their importance, they are abandoned by their Owners. This high demand for cubs of big cats implies that their mothers are mostly killed in the jungle, and it’s cubs are smuggled into the cities.

They have always argued that the animals are tamed and cannot hurt anyone, but the fact remains that they are wild animals and their instincts are to kill. Most times, the animals may feel choked up and wander away from their homes. This was the case of the Tiger, which was sighted in a busy traffic in Doha.
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This Tiger wandered away from home and seemed lost on a highway with a lot of traffic. He kept moving from car to car, although he didn’t harm anyone. He was recorded sniffing cars until he eventually ran under a truck and his owner was alerted. He immediately when to get his pet and was even heard saying that he didn’t want the video of the pet on social media as he could go to prison for keeping the animals despite the laws on banning this act. He gently dragged the huge animal and patted his head before taking him back home.

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