They Went To The Shelter To Donate, But When They Saw This 17-Year-Old Dog… OMG


A couple went to the local shelter to donate items they’d gathered from their community. On getting there, they saw old Rocky staring at them. They saw through his eyes a gap in his heart that needed to be filled with love, they saw a need to be met; he needed a new family. Deep down in their minds, they knew they weren’t going to leave the shelter without him, they had to meet that need.


From the smile on Rocky’s face in the pictures, you would know that life with this young couple was everything he must have dreamed of in his old age. We have heard from the couple that Rocky loves to take short strolls, eat yummy snacks, loves dog food, take naps, give his new mom and dad face licks and receive tommy rubs. This young couple have been so sweet and doting on him that he thinks he’s already in dog heaven. They put him to sleep, ensure he gets his shots and give him gifts.

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But as a 17 year old dog, almost at the prime of his life, he’s expected to have a few issues. Sometimes he pees in his sleep and makes a mess, however, the couple say they wear dog diaper for him at night. He has already started to grow weak and lazy. Most times, his strength fails him to climb up the stairs to sleep. His eyesight has started deteriorating and he doesn’t see so well, he knocks down things. He has also started losing his hearing, and doesn’t take to instructions every time. He’s not doing all these because he wants to get attention but as a result of his old age. Notwithstanding, this young couple have promised to take care of his every need and ensure his safety because of the love they have for him.

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His Christmases and special holidays have been promised to be filled with love, care and special gifts. When we were listening to his progress with his new family, we saw that they have really taken him like a child of theirs. They say that they have no regrets taking in Rocky and hope to take good care of wonderful Rocky and make sure that his last years are the best.


We have to say to this couple, many thanks for giving Rocky a chance at happiness in his old age.

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