They Washed The Oil From This Stray, You Have To See The Transformation He Makes


THis Dog’s name is now Coconut and he takes the concept of rescue dog to an entirely new level. The IFAW organization is responsible for rescuing animals from adverse situations and they are certainly not a stranger to seeing animals in an extreme amount of pain and suffering.

However, the woman who was responsible for helping to rescue Coconut states that she loved this dog, that she wanted him to be a part of her life from the very first moment that she laid eyes upon him. This dog’s skin and fur were ravaged and seeing this dog’s condition on camera shocked this helpful woman, who hated to see a beautiful creature living in such a way.

Coconut had been forced into a life on the street and unfortunately, the time spent living outdoors had taken a serious toll on his physical condition. Coconut’s eyes say it all, as he knows just how lucky he was to find someone who was willing to give him a forever home and slowly nurse him back to health.

His survival was certainly not guaranteed when he was found. It took tireless effort to ensure his continued livelihood. His entire body was covered in sores and scrapes, his fur was all matted down and tangled and he had clearly seen much better days before he was found.

The viewer is taken through the painstaking process of restoring Coconut back to health and are able to receive a true perspective on how difficult it is to undo years of damage that an animal has experienced. Some may believe that animal rescue workers have an easy job and this clip will certainly serve to debunk that outlandish notion.

Coconut’s condition is horrifying to see, but thanks to the efforts of this dedicated woman, he is on the road to health and prosperity. The difference in this dog’s condition from the beginning of the clip to the end is stark. Years of dirt have been washed from his fur and even his facial expression has perked up.

If you would like to take in the remainder of Coconut’s recovery, then be sure to click on this video. Share it with your dog loving friends, your closest loved ones and post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the love. Dogs like Coconut simply do not come along every day!

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